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When you choose to have me at your birth, you’re getting more than just a doula. For me, birth work is an all-consuming passion and my greatest source of joy. I’ve always known that what I do should have a deeper purpose, feel sacred, and connected to a higher pursuit. I’m driven by this fire that’s alive inside of me for birth work; this is something I was born to do.

During your labor, I offer verbal and emotional support, hands-on physical support, evidence based information, and advocacy. Reminding you that 'this is normal' and anchoring you through each surge.

Partner support can take many forms, from making sure they get a bathroom break or a meal, to reminding your partner about that one technique you practiced in your childbirth class, and handing them the water or the cool washcloth to offer you. 

hi there! i'm natalie

Who I am:

  • I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor

  • I use swear words on the regular

  • A lot of science, a little woo

  • Informed choice is important to me, expect lots of information sharing

  • I believe you should feel respected enough to make your own medical decisions without manipulation or judgement

  • I want us to spend time together, connecting and listening

  • I believe doulas can create change in the maternal and infant mortality rates in the US, one birth at a time when we speak up, lift up and fall back in the face of marginalization and racism

Natalie with laboring client, performing "shake the apple tree" from Spinning Babies

Educator supporter advocate

Educator • supporter • advocate

Labor & Birth doula

I approach all my clients with the assumption that they are survivors of trauma, offering a safe physical and emotional space for every person. I operate with the expectation that myself and providers will be accountable for receiving explicit consent from you before performing care.

Part of reducing birth trauma lies in creating an atmosphere of respect where your consent is paramount. It shouldn't feel like things are just happening to you with no explanation or request for your consent. Instead, you should feel like an active participant in each decision. True informed consent means that you're made aware of the risks, benefits, and alternatives and then given time to privately come to your own decision without outside pressure.

It's my view that you ALWAYS have the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy. I'm willing to leverage my privilege to speak up, lift up, and fall back. I want you to feel empowered to speak up for yourself, and I also want to make sure your wishes are heard and respected. It's my role to speak out whenever I witness marginalization, racism or oppression. I am and will continue to do the inner work of anti-racism and anti-oppression for the rest of my life. As a doula and birthworker, this looks like holding racist systems accountable in order to create true change in the maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates in the US, one birth at a time.

During your pregnancy, we'll get together in person to build our relationship and talk about your hopes and dreams for your birth. I'll bring evidence based information on various topics, from common interventions, to breastfeeding and latch, nutrition, optimal fetal positioning, we'll create a written birth preferences document, an advocacy plan, and a postpartum plan. I have a background as a childbirth educator, so think of it like a mini childbirth ed class.

My role doesn't end when your baby is born. Each family will receive postpartum support from me within the first week of life. Postpartum care is completely customizable to fit your needs. We usually debrief and talk about the birth experience and fill in any gaps in your memory. I can help with feeding, getting a good latch, and side-lying nursing. I'll also give you referrals to specialists if need be, such as a lactation consultant, ENT, or cranio-sacral therapy. If you want, I'll teach you how to safely wear your baby in a baby carrier. Some folks ask me to hold the baby while they shower or take a  nap. And I also do light housework to help out around the house :-)

I've been where you are - I know how hard it can be to transition to having a newborn for the first time, and navigating parenting a toddler after your baby is born. I'm a resource and a sounding board before and after your baby arrives - that's true continuity of care.

Prenatal and Postpartum support

And in order to do that,

You can only use your own.

You cannot use someone else's fire.


Audre Lorde

you must first be willing to believe that you have it.

Both my births were with midwives. One at a birth center, and one at home. When I say I understand what kind of birth you want, you should know that I really get it.

Welcome friend!
I'm Natalie

We live on a small homestead where we raise animals and grow our own food. I love babywearing, cloth diapering, tattoos, reading, gardening, and I'm pretty sure there's nothing a little breastmilk can't fix! 

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  • evidenced based information on common interventions so you can have true informed consent including risks, benefits, and alternatives
  • two home visits during pregnancy to learn all your preferences
  • a postpartum home visit
  • phone and text support beginning when you sign on with me through six weeks postpartum
  • a custom advocacy plan
  • birth preferences writing worksheet
  • breastfeeding education
  • postpartum planning
  • 24/7 on-call availability from 37 weeks to 43 weeks
  • unlimited number of hours at your birth beginning at active labor
  • two hours immediate postpartum support
  • breastfeeding support in the postpartum
  • verbal, physical and emotional support before, during and after birth
  • an advocate who will help achieve what you want during labor
  • a contracted backup doula, just in case

what's included

If you're planning a hospital birth, you'll automatically receive FREE access to this parent course by Birth Monopoly.

You get:

  • A clear, concise course to help you navigate one of the most important events of your life
  • Anytime access to five videos totaling 35 minutes you can view, pause, and revisit anytime
  • Download PDF of the course with all references 
  • Suggestions for additional reading and resources
  • Downloads for four useful handouts you can take right with you to the hospital
  • Gain confidence in knowing your rights as a consumer
  • Get an insider peek at how hospitals work and real talk on how that affects your birth
  • “Why wouldn’t we just ‘go with the flow’ in the hospital?” Find out!
  • “What if I sign a consent form for treatment–am I allowed to change my mind later?” Learn the answer to this question and more
  • The information you need for the birth you want

online video course by birth monopoly

online video course
by birth monopoly

what's included

3 Things Every Parent Needs to Know about Hospital Birth

The way that I advocate for you is a little bit different from other doulas. If you can't speak up the moment, I will politely and calmly voice your preferences on your behalf - if need be. To do this well, I want to first have your consent. I want us to spend time together talking about various scenarios and interventions that could arise so we're super clear about what you do and don't want. 

We'll talk about hospital policy and your human right to decline anything, even if it's policy. You always have the right to say 'no.' I want to give you evidence based information to empower you to decline policies that aren't based in evidence or you don't feel comfortable with. By the same token, we'll also dispel myths you may have heard by talking through what the evidence says. Yes, it's absolutely possible to have an empowered, non-traumatic, joyful birth in the hospital and I want you to achieve your vision! I've had overwhelmingly positive experiences with our hospitals here in the Portland and Vancouver area.

I'll share and model ways to say, "No thank you" - or - "Please notate in my chart that I declined that." We'll create an advocacy plan, talk about how comfortable you are saying 'No', and what instances you might want me to use my voice for you. I want you to feel empowered to speak up for yourself, but I also recognize there are instances when you're off in Labor-Land and can't possibly be brought into your thinking brain. If I have your consent, I'm comfortable respectfully voicing your needs, desires, and preferences in the moment.


what makes me different

I align with people who want a low-intervention, physiologic birth -- whether that's at home, a birth center, or in a hospital. I strongly believe in your body's ability to birth and I believe the less we mess with the process, the better it works. Because of my experience attending hundreds of births, I know in my heart that everything unfolds perfectly when we don't disrupt the natural bodily process. Birth isn't an emergency or a medical event for most people. And if plans change - I know how to help in that scenario, too.

I have a soft spot for out-of-hospital births because that's how I birthed my baby, too. I had my son at Andaluz birth center and my daughter at home, in water.

Home birth

what makes me different

Position, position, position! More than just head-down, I want to know what position your baby is in. Which direction are they facing? Where do you feel kicks? This information is so important in labor and the weeks before labor begins. Using my Spinning Babies training, I'll teach you the moves to help balance the body and make space for your baby to move into the most ideal position for birth - leading to a faster, easier, less painful labor. During labor, I'll notice clues (also called an invitation to act) that might tell us if your baby is in a silly position. I'll help guide you through various positions to help the baby to turn. 

I understand how being activated in fight-or-flight can affect your labor and I'll help your body to settle into the parasympathetic nervous system so labor can progress smoothly and easily and the oxytocin can flow freely.

Why does this matter so much? Honestly, Spinning Babies prevents unwanted C-Sections - that's the bottom line. I've seen exactly how a malpositioned baby can lead to cesarean - and I've had repeated success helping babies to turn into a better position to be born vaginally.

spinning babies

what makes me different

My love for birth photography is rooted in the fact that I don't have any good quality photos from my own births. It's one of my only regrets about my births, which were extremely powerful and overwhelmingly positive experiences. I couldn't quiet conceptualize how fucking incredible I was going to feel after having achieved my dream unmedicated water birth... or how quickly all those details would fade. It was all a blur.

Now, I'm passionate about documenting your birth story through photos and video. I know just how important those memories are, how powerful you're going to feel having achieved the birth of your dreams, and how much of it you miss when you labor with your eyes closed. 

I'm honored to have been named Birth Photographer of the Year 2023 in an international competition judged by some of the top photographers in the world.

Birth Photography

what makes me different

Birth Photographer of the Year 2023
International Award Winning Birth Photographer 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
Oregon Health Plan Traditional Healthcare Worker 2022
Legacy Health Systems Contracted Doula 2022
Providence Medical System Badged Doula 2023
Anti-Fat Bias in Society and Medicine 2024
Bachelor of Arts, The Art Institute 2007


Birth & Labor Doula, Cornerstone Doula Training 2019
Rights Informed Birth Advocate, Birth Monopoly 2019
Spinning Babies Workshop, Optimal Fetal Positioning 2022
Resolving Shoulder Dystocia, Spinning Babies 2022
Breastfeeding Counselor 2018
Transgender Inclusion, Collaborate Consulting 2021
Postpartum Doula, Cornerstone Doula Training 2021
Childbirth Educator, Cornerstone Doula Training 2020


Birth & Labor Doula
Cornerstone Doula Training 2019

Rights Informed Birth Advocate
Birth Monopoly 2019

Spinning Babies Workshop
Optimal Fetal Positioning 2022

Resolving Shoulder Dystocia
Spinning Babies 2022

Breastfeeding Counselor 2018

Transgender Inclusion
Collaborate Consulting 2021

Postpartum Doula
Cornerstone Doula Training 2021

Childbirth Educator
Cornerstone Doula Training 2020

Birth Photographer of the Year 2023

International Award Winning Birth Photographer 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Oregon Health Plan Traditional Healthcare Worker 2022

Legacy Health Systems
Contracted Doula 2022

Providence Medical System Badged Doula 2023

Anti-Fat Bias in Society and Medicine 2024

Bachelor of Arts
The Art Institute 2007

Are planning an unmedicated birth

Want minimal interventions

Believe birth is a normal bodily process

Say fuck no to medical induction

Want to document the day with award winning photography

Are planning an unmedicated birth
Want minimal interventions
Believe birth is a normal bodily process
Say fuck no to medical induction
Want to document the day with award winning photography

... then I might be the doula for you.

If you...

Spots are limited.

I only accept a limited number of births each month.

Call to check availability for your due date.

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"Natalie does a wonderful job at making us feel comfortable and informed with all our decisions. Plus the photos are beautiful and emotional. Natalie is absolutely worth the investment!"

"Natalie was truly instrumental as my doula during my labor and my photos turned out gorgeous. Having Natalie as my doula really helped me achieve my ideal birth experience. "

"I felt so held by you, I can't believe you got all these photos AND supported me. You're a ninja!"

"I can breathe deeply in Natalie's presence. She's very grounded and offers up unbelievable strength for birth support. She's a totally clear channel, no ego or wounded energy from her even in all the intensity of labor."

-Angela, Portland OR

-Aubrey, Portland OR

-Clara, Portland OR

-Danielle, Portland OR

"Natalie helped me make informed decisions and then fully supported my choices in an unbiased and gentle way."
- Kyra, Portland OR

My values as your doula:

How to use the parasympathetic nervous system for an easier labor

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Get out of fear and have the birth of your wildest dreams:

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You feel respected

You feel safe

You understand your options

YOU make the choices about your birth

by Natalie Broders

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