You’re snuggled with your brand new baby, born just a few hours ago.

You had a professional birth photographer with you the entire day.

You feel your shoulders relax, knowing you get to relive every single detail through your photos.

imagine this..


Even the moments you missed - like the way your partner looks at you when you’re not watching.

You close your eyes, remembering how intense labor was, and how strong you feel now that you’re on the other side.

Don’t you deserve to have this day remembered forever?


The moment you lift your baby up and bring them to your chest, tears streaming down your face.

Sit back and relax, knowing everything is being documented.

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Both my births were with midwives. One at a birth center, and one at home. When I say I understand what kind of birth you want, you should know that I really get it.

Welcome friend!
I'm Natalie

We live on a small homestead where we raise animals and grow our own food. I love babywearing, cloth diapering, tattoos, reading, gardening, and I'm pretty sure there's nothing a little breastmilk can't fix! 

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Now I'm an award winning birth photographer in Portland, Oregon.

But how did I get here?

Here's my story.

family photography by Chelsea Belozer

my dream home birth

here it is

I felt so F-ing victorious!

But all the pictures I have are blurry...

Don't we deserve better than this?

Am I grateful to have this photo?

Yes, of course!

I'll never be able to thank my mom enough for capturing this for me.

But I'll always regret not having professional photos to show my daughter the day she was born.

This is how my love for birth photography started.

blurry photo of my home birth

My phone rings. It's 2AM, and I'm asleep.

I tear back the covers, fly out of bed and head to your birth.

No matter what time of day, I LOVE getting that call!

I want to be woken up, because



behind the scenes at a birth

I care about your birth.

Birth only happens once.
You're gonna want to remember this.

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birth photographer of the year 2023

and absolutely worth every penny."


natalie's work is



Portland Birth Photographer

don't miss this


exhale. relax, knowing you have support and everything is being documented.


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✓ check "find a doula photographer" off your To-Do list.


Spots are limited.

I only accept a limited number of births each month.

Call to check availability for your due date.

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Portland Birth Photography

When you choose to have me at your birth, you’re getting more than just a birth photographer. For me, birth work is an all-consuming passion and my greatest source of joy. I’ve always known that what I do should have a deeper purpose, feel sacred, and connected to a higher pursuit. I’m driven by this fire that’s alive inside of me for birth photography; this is something I was born to do.

Birth photography is right for you if...

You want to remember the day your baby was born

It’s a bigger deal than your wedding day

You can’t get this experience back

You want your partner to be in the moment (not watching through a camera)

You’ll be able to relax knowing that the photos are taken care of

You know you’ll regret it if you don’t

"I felt so held by you, I can't believe you got all these photos AND supported me.

You're a ninja!"

- Danielle, Portland OR

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Portland Birth Doula

Trained as a birth & labor doula, postpartum doula, and childbirth educator, some people might say I'm a birth nerd. From how to prepare before birth, to common interventions, navigating hospital birth, optimal body positioning, choosing the right birth center, and having a home birth, I'm your new BFF & walking birth encyclopedia.

And if I don't know something, I have the humility to say so and I'll look for the evidence-based information to answer your questions. I see myself as a lifelong learner, always seeking out the latest and most up to date information.

At your birth, I offer advocacy, physical, emotional, and verbal support. My goal is to empower you to make the decision that’s best for you, based on the evidence and your own intuition, so you have the birth you've been dreaming of.

My values as your doula:

"Natalie helped me make informed decisions and then fully supported my choices in an unbiased and gentle way."
- Kyra, Portland OR

How the parasympathetic nervous system can give you an easier labor

from the blog

Get out of fear and have the birth of your wildest dreams:

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You feel respected

You feel safe

You understand your options

YOU make the choices about your birth

by Natalie Broders

Educator supporter advocate

Educator • supporter • advocate

Who I am:

  • I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor

  • I use swear words on the regular

  • I had two unmedicated births 

  • A lot of science, a little woo

  • Informed choice is paramount (no manipulation or judgement)

  • Client-centered care > hierarchical care

  • I will "speak up, lift up and fall back" in the face of marginalization and racism, because doulas create real change in maternal mortality rates - one birth at a time

Natalie with laboring client, performing "shake the apple tree" from Spinning Babies

Portland Birth Videography

While photos bring a certain memory to life, and you can look at them in an album or a frame, seeing the movement and hearing the sounds of labor has a much more emotional quality to it. When I create a birth video, I select music that’s evocative, emotional, and crescendos with the moment of birth. I find that seeing your baby being born on video is highly emotional, and hearing their first cries, the words you first spoke them, never fails to take you right back to that moment for years to come.

Common questions:

Can you do video and photo both?

     Yes! I'm able to switch seamlessly
     between photo and video so you
     can have both.

Do I have to choose between photo or video at the moment of birth?

    You can choose either one, but I
    recommend video for the moment of
    birth. I can pull still images from your

"If you’re looking for someone who will capture all those magical moments on video, then I highly recommend Natalie.

She is worth every dime."

- Katelyn, Portland OR

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"Hiring Natalie was by far the best investment that we made."
- Jen, Portland OR

payment plan available

"Natalie is not only a talented artist, but as a parent and a doula, she understands and honors birth in a way that is respectful, supportive, intimate, and intuitive. This is reflected by the power and beauty of her art. The images she captured far exceeded our expectations. Not only is she an incredible photographer, but I was hardly even aware that she was taking photos at all.

Natalie is also a comforting and supportive presence--precisely the qualities you want among those who will be present while you give birth.

Her art is a worthy investment to capture the memories of life's most profound moments."

R.R. of Portland, OR

respectful, supportive, intuitive

J.B. of Portland, OR

"Amazing experience. I was so hesitant about birth photography because of the cost and having a "stranger" in the room. Boy was I wrong!

Natalie becomes part of your birth team and is the best advocate during labor.

Her photos capture the most amazing moments of a woman's life; birthing her baby!

It was worth every penny. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have Natalie capture our family's biggest milestone."

worth every penny

"Hiring Natalie as a doula and photographer was totally worth it. She is validating of all the crazy pregnancy emotions and encouraging of your personal choices while also able to educate and share research on things that feel overwhelming when it comes to decision making.

She has a way of making you feel like a trusted friend and talking with her is easy. The time she puts in before your labor builds trust and comfort which makes having an essential stranger capture something very intimate feel comfortable.

From first phone call Natalie has a way of anchoring natural rapport and making you feel valued and important. Your birth is important to her and that sentiment is felt."

A.D. of Portland, OR

a trusted friend

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48 pages of comfort measures, ancestral wisdom, coping techniques, and natural pain relief strategies carefully curated to honor the sacredness of your birth.

Embrace the Journey: Your Ultimate Guide to Comfort Measures and Coping Techniques for a Blissful Home Birth

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    48 pages of comfort measures, ancestral wisdom, coping techniques, and natural pain relief strategies carefully curated to honor the sacredness of your birth - for FREE.

    Embrace the Journey: Your Ultimate Guide to Comfort Measures and Coping Techniques for a Blissful Home Birth

    Your Ultimate Guide to Comfort Measures and Coping Techniques for a Blissful Home Birth