There’s something I have to confess.  I prepared for birth, but I didn’t prepare for breastfeeding… at all. The engorgement on day 3 or 4 was SHOCKING. But engorgement is normal. When your milk comes in on day 3-5, your breasts turn into big huge boulders and it can be extremely uncomfortable.  They can be […]

March 21, 2022

Breast Engorgement: First 3 Days Breastfeeding Your Baby

baby breastfeeding

by Natalie Broders, Portland Birth Photographer Treating Engorgement Let me take a guess. When you were pregnant, you probably prepared for birth. Did you read books? Check. Take a class? Check. Prepare for breastfeeding? *crickets* Girl, same. Absolutely NOTHING could have prepared me for the engorgement that happened on day 3 or 4 – when […]

July 14, 2019

Top 3 Tips to Relieve Engorgement (first week with baby)

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